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Suck, vb. 1) absol. to draw in with the mouth: “where the bee --s, there s. I,” Tp. V, 88. “to s., to s.” H5 II, 3, 58. Especially == to draw the breast: “to see my lambs s.” As III, 2, 81. “at their mothers' moist eyes babes shall s.” H6A I, 1, 49. “--ing on her bosom,” Rom. II, 3, 12. == to be at the breast: “when Hector's grandsire --ed,” Troil. I, 3, 292. “--ing:” Merch. II, 1, 29. H6A III, 1, 197. H6B III, 1, 71. Bottom even says: “as gently as any --ing dove,” Mids. I, 2, 85. Figuratively, == to draw in as a whirlpool, to absorb: “England his approaches makes as fierce as waters to the --ing of a gulf,” H5 II, 4, 10.
2) tr. to draw in, to draw out; a) the matter imbibed as object: “such nectar from his lips she had not --ed,” Ven. 572. “a wasp --ed the honey that thy chaste bee kept,” Lucr. 840. Err. II, 2, 194. As II, 5, 13. Shr. I, 1, 28. R2 III, 4, 38. H5 II, 3, 58. IV, 4, 68. H6B IV, 1, 109. Rom. V, 3, 92. Tim. IV, 3, 432. Caes. II, 2, 87. Hml. III, 1, 164. == to draw from the breast as a suckling: “thy valiantness was mine, thou --edst it from me,” Cor. III, 2, 129. “the milk thou --edst from her,” Tit. II, 3, 144. “hadst --ed wisdom from my breast,” Rom. I, 3, 68. With up: “all the infections which the sun --s up from bogs,” Tp. II, 2, 1. Mids. II, 1, 89. R2 III, 2, 14. Caes. II, 1, 262. Cymb. III, 1, 22.
b) that from which matter is drawn as object: “as the weasel --s eggs,” As II, 5, 14. “I s. my teeth,” John I, 192. “--s her princely eggs,” H5 I, 2, 171. Applied to the breast: “a son that --ed an earthly mother,” Ven. 863. “the --ed and hungry lioness,” As IV, 3, 127. “when thou --edst her breast,” H6A V, 4, 28. Tit. IV, 2, 178. Hml. V, 2, 196.
c) the accus. denoting the effect: “the ivy that --ed my verdure out on't,” Tp. I, 2, 87. “your fair show shall s. away their souls,” H5 IV, 2, 17. “my sea shall s. them dry,” H6C IV, 8, 55. “more spongy to s. in the sense of fear,” Troil. II, 2, 12. “my baby at my breast, that --s the nurse asleep,” Ant. V, 2, 313.
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