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RELATIVAL CONSTRUCTIONS. That omitted, then inserted

That omitted and then inserted. The purely conjunctional use of that is illustrated by the Elizabethan habit of omitting it at the beginning of a sentence, where the construction is obvious, and then inserting it to connect a more distant clause with the conjunction on which the clause depends. In most cases the subjects of the clauses are different. “Though my soul be guilty and that I think, &c.” B. J. Cy.'s Rev. iii. 2.

“Were it not thy sour leisure gave sweet leave,
And that thou teachest.

“If this law
Of nature be corrupted through affection,
And that great minds, of partial indulgence
To their benumbed wills, resist the same.

This may explain (without reference to "but that," 122):

“If frosts and fasts, hard lodging and thin weeds
Nip not the gaudy blossoms of your love,
But that it bear this trial.

For "if that," see 287.

“Think I am dead, and that even here thou takest,
As from my death-bed, my last living leave.

So T. N. v. 1. 126; W. T. i. 2. 84; A. and C. iii. 4. 31; P. of T. i. Gower, 11.

“I love and hate her, for she's fair and royal,
And that she hath all worthy parts more exquisite.

i.e. "for that" or "because."

“She says I am not fair, that I lack manners;
She calls me proud, and that she could not love me.

In the above example the that depends upon a verb of speech implied in "calls." This construction is still more remarkable in--

“But here's a villain that would face me down
He met me on the mart, and that I beat him.

Compare the French use of "que" instead of repeating "si," "quand," &c.

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