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65. 95.48 SQUAT LEKYTHOS Theseus in combat with Amazons PLATE XXX and FIGURE 43 (SUPPL. PLATE 4)

Height, 0.227 m.; diameter, 0.136 m. Broken and incomplete. The figures at the ends of the picture are only partly preserved; the standing Amazon's right upper leg, and part of the ornament under the handle are missing. Relief contours throughout, except for the ornament at the back. Brown used for most of the inner markings on the bodies and on the interior of the shield of the left-hand figure. Many details in relief, originally gilded: the complete surfaces of the helmets, except that of the youth at the right; raised lines along the edges of the helmets with the same exception; a boss on the youth's pilos; the handles of both shields; the rim of the shield of the left-hand figure, with dots added; two rows of bosses on the front of the standing Amazon's chiton; several bosses on the horse's bridle; both ends of the standing Amazon's spear; the point of Hippolyte's spear; the sword of Theseus. Remains of gold on the point of the standing Amazon's spear, on Hippolyte's helmet, on Theseus' sword. Red or white used for the irregular ground-line below the figures, and for the inscriptions. The drawing on the plate is by F. Anderson.

Said to have been found at Athens. Ann. Rep. 1895, p. 22, no. 44. Beazley, V.A., p. 177. Att. V., p. 429, no. 4.

An amazonomachy; five figures in two groups. At the right, Theseus (ΘΗΣ[ΕΥΣ]), assisted by a youth, advances to attack Hippolyte (ΙΠΠΟΛΥΤΗ). Theseus, nude, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet, his shield on his left arm, his scabbard hanging by a cross-belt, holds his sword in his lifted right hand. The Amazon reins in her prancing horse as she aims her spear at her opponent's body. She wears a leather cuirass over a short chiton, and a crested Attic helmet with cheek-pieces lowered. Her bow and quiver hang at her side. The youth behind Theseus, represented on a smaller scale, thrusts at the horse with his spear. He wears a pilos, a chlamys, sandals, and gaiters. At the left, an Amazon on foot in combat with a Greek, of whose name only the final Σ remains. She wears a helmet like that of Hippolyte, and richly decorated tight-sleeved chiton and trousers. Her bow and quiver hang from a cross-belt. She grasps her spear with both hands raised above her head, and thrusts at her opponent, who advances his shield to deflect the blow, and holds his sword in his lowered right hand. His Attic helmet has the cheek-pieces raised. His scabbard (invisible) hangs from a cross-belt.

Below the handle, the design of palmettes and spirals shown in figure 43.1

About 430 B.C. Attributed to the Eretria painter by Beazley in Att. V. He is now not sure if it is from his hand, but it is close to him.23

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1 A similar design, but not identical, is on the oinochoe in Boston (Boston 03.794), Jacobsthal, Ornamente griechischer Vasen, Pl. 124, a.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 65. By the Eretria Painter himself (ARV. p. 724 no. 2). Fairbanks and Chase p. 64 fig. 68.

3 (From Addenda to Parts I and II) Pp. 56-57, no. 65: see Bothmer Amazons in Greek Art p. 177 no. 39.

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