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8. 00.336 KYLIX Archer testing arrow PLATE III and FIGURE 5

Diameter, 0.173 m.; height, 0.08 m. Intact. A small, well-made kylix, solidly proportioned, with offset lip, deep bowl, and short stem moulded at the junction with the foot. Narrow reserved bands bordering the moulding; the rim and base of the foot reserved, its interior painted black. Relief contours throughout. The hair contour incised, with dots outside. The wreath in red. Inner markings in brown, strengthened in the photograph.

Formerly in the Forman collection. Ann. Rep. 1900, p. 36, no. 5. Cecil Smith, Forman Sale Cat. 1899, no. 337 (drawing, p. 66). Beazley, V.A., p. 22. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 181, no. 135.

A youthful archer standing in profile to right, with knees bent, feet far apart, head thrust forward, looks along an arrow to test its straightness, while with the forefinger of his left hand he tries its point. He is nude except for drapery about his middle. Its lower part hangs in groups of vertical folds. Above this the folds are wavy horizontal lines, suggesting that the sleeveless chiton, unpinned on the shoulders, has slipped down to the waist. A quiver hangs at the youth's left side from a cross-belt. He is wreathed, and his hair falls on his shoulder in very fine, straight lines. On the reserved exergue is the inscription ΚΑΛΟΣ, in relief lines.

520-510 B.C. The picture, beautifully composed and treating an interesting motive in a lively spirit, is remarkable also for the delicate and careful drawing of all the details, including the copious inner markings. By a master of the early archaic style, whose hand has not yet been recognized in other extant works. For the subject cf. Hartwig, Meisterschalen, p. 121, n. 2.1

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1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 8. ARV. p. 91, top: near the Carpenter Painter, but earlier than the vases assigned to him. On the shape, Bloesch F.A.S. p. 120 no. 8.

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