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Lycus, a Messenian

Lycus (2), a river in Phrygia

Lycus (3), a river in Scythia

Lycus (4), a Scythian

Lycus (5), a Thracian

Lycus (6), an Athenian

Lycus (7), brother of Nycteus

Lycus (8), father of patriot Thrasybulus

Lycus (9), king of the Mariandynians

    receives the Argonauts: Apollod. 1.9.22
    son of Dascylus, entertains Herakles in Mysia and receives from him part of the land of the Bebryces: Apollod. 2.5.9

Lycus, name of horse

Lycus, son of Egyptus

Lycus, son of Hyrieus

Lycus, son of Poseidon by Celaeno

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