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A deep cup with horizontal handles.

Term: This term cannot be unquestioningly applied to any one fixed shape (see literary references below). It appears to have been used to identify cups in general, though it is frequently used as another name for the skyphos.

  • Athenaios, 11.478e: the Greek word for cup is kotyle.
  • Athenaios, 11.478b,f: as having one handle.
  • Athenaios, 11.478e: as having no handles.
  • Athenaios, 11.478b: as sometimes having a handle.
  • Athenaios, 11.478b, e: as resembling a deep washbin.
  • Athenaios, 11.479a: as being high and hollow.
  • Athenaios, 11.479c: as resembling a krater.
  • Athenaios, 11.478c: as belonging specially to Dionysos.
  • Athenaios, 11.478c: as being used for libations.
  • Athenaios, 11.482a: used for ladling.

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