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nikosthenic amphora

The signature of Nikosthenes is the most common in all black-figure pottery, always with the "epoiesen," so clearly he was the potter or a pottery owner. The range of his products was enormous, and there is a quality of inventiveness displayed in most of his works. His originality can be gauged by the number of works which have come to be called "Nikosthenic". The amphora is the most distinctive product from his workshop, perhaps borrowed from a native Italian shape. (See Boardman 1974, 64). This one- piece amphora is characterized by its long conical neck with a thin flaring mouth, which at its base is nearly as wide as the body, and a high foot. It has broad, flattened strap handles that join to the lip. Usually there are two raised fillets, about one and one half inches apart, around the middle of the body.

Term: This amphora is so-named in modern times because of its offset neck, and its introduction by the potter Nikosthenes.

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