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Athens honours Menelaos of Pelagonia
IG II2 110 Athens, EM 7024 363/62 Plate 12

Found on Akropolis in 1860. Both edges preserved, back rough-picked. Relief separated from inscription by taenia with first line of heading and ovolo, together 0.065 wide. Surface worn. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.51, p.h. of relief 0.12, w. 0.42, th. 0.12, relief h. 0.015, h. of letters 0.006 (lines 4 ff.).

In the 360s Athens made a sustained attempt to recover the strategically important city of Amphipolis, which had maintained its independence after Athens lost control of it at the end of the fifth century; members of the Chalcidian League who had earlier seceded from the Athenian League allied with Amphipolis. This decree, securely dated to the sixth prytany of the archonship of Charikleides of 363/62 (lines 2-3), honours Menelaos the Pelagonian for his assistance in the war against the Chalkidians and Amphipolis. He was probably a king or prince of the Lynkestians, and it is likely that he was the same Menelaos who fought Philip in Thrace in 351 (Dem. 4.27). He was apparently later made an Athenian citizen (Tod II, no. 148).

On the left is a small male figure, probably Menelaos; only his lower legs remain. He turns right, toward a larger male figure in a himation, probably Demos or a patron deity, who is preserved only from the knees down. At the far right is Athena, of whom only a small fragment of drapery and the bottom of her shield are preserved. The relief is rather crudely cut, the drapery falling in coarse, heavy folds indicated by sharp, deeply cut lines.

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