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KEPHALE Attica, Greece.

A deme belonging to the tribe Akamantis. Inscriptions found in Keratea, about 19.32 km N of Sounion, place the township in that area, most probably to the NW of the modern village, where Frazer reported ancient walls. A boundary stone and a dedication respectively indicate Sanctuaries of Hera and Asklepios. The Altar of Aphrodite mentioned by Isaios (2.31) presumably lay in the precinct marked by a boundary stone found between Keratea and the E coast of Attica at Kaki Thalassa. No trace has been reported of the Sanctuary of the Dioskouroi, although Pausanias (1.31.1) thought it the most important at Kephale.


J. G. Frazer, Paus. Des. Gr. (1898) II 402.


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