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NAGIDOS (Bozyazi) Turkey.

On the coast of Cilicia Aspera, 18 km E of Anamur. Colonized by the Samians according to Mela (1.77), but the eponymous founder Nagis (Steph. Byz. s.v.) is likely to be mythical. The city flourished in the 5th and 4th c., when it issued silver coinage, and is recorded by Hekataios (ap. Steph. Byz.) and Pseudo-Skylax, together with an island called Nagidussa. In later times little is heard of it, but it is mentioned by Strabo (670) as the first city E of Anemurion, and sherds and an inscription show that the site was occupied down to the 2d or 3d c. A.D.

The ruins are on a low hill just E of the village. An early circuit wall of mixed polygonal and ashlar masonry, with large blocks, still stands to a man's height for much of its extent. There are some pieces of similar wall in the interior, but no buildings are recognizable. An ancient road has been identified on the neighboring plain, and a small island close offshore evidently corresponds to the ancient Nagidussa; it is covered with ruins of late date.


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