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RUSUCURRU or Rusuccuru (Dellys) Algeria.

The names of certain localities on the coast between Icosium (Algiers) and Saldae (Bedjai)—Cissi, Rusucurru, Iomnium, Rusippisir, Ruzasus—are known from ancient itineraries and geographers. On the other hand, an inscription preserved in situ on the lintel of a temple at Tigzirt stated that the building was dedicated to the tutelary deity of the municipium of Rusuccuru. Accordingly, it was proposed that this center was situated at Tigzirt itself or at the site of Taksebt nearby. However, a milestone was found which indicated a distance of 4.8 km to Rusuccuru; the find was made 4.5 km W of Dellys. This suggested that the ancient site should be placed, not at Tigzirt but rather farther W, under the modern town of Dellys. The argument has not seemed convincing to everyone and a controversy has sprung up. This controversy seems to me to have been settled in favor of the Dellys-Rusucurru identification because of a dedication found recently on Cape Djinet, which mentions the inhabitants of Cissi. This still unpublished text dates to the time of Alexander Severus. It puts on firm ground the location of Cissi at Cape Djinet. Therefore, Rusucurru must be at Dellys, Iomnium at Tigzirt, and Rusippisir at Taksebt. As far as Ruzasus is concerned, it can still be identified with Azeffoun, some distance above the shore, SE of Port-Gueydon.

At Dellys practically nothing remains of the ancient town. It has been covered by the settlement which has expanded since the beginning of the French colonization.


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