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ANDAUTONIA (Şćitarjevo) Croatia, Yugoslavia.

A village 7 km SE of Zagreb, where there was a Roman military camp on the road from Poetovio to Siscia on the right bank of the Sava river. The camp later was a inunicipiuin in Pannonia Superior, enrolled in the tribus Quirina. The territory belonged to the Illyrian community of Andautonians (CIL III, 4008: respublica Andautonensium). The remains include wall paintings, sarcophagi, inscriptions, and an interesting relief of Nemesis. Material is preserved in the Archaeological Museum at Zagreb.


V. Hoffiller & B. Saria, Antike Inschriften aus Jugoslawien, I (1938) 212-18; J. Klemenc, Archäologische Karte von Jugoslawien, Blatt Zagreb (1938).


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