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ANTHEDON Boiotia, Greece.

A Boiotian harbor on the Gulf of Euboia, 13 km W of Chalkis and 2 km N of the village of Loukisia, at the foot of Mt. Messapios.

Included in the catalogue of ships of the Iliad (2.508), it belonged to the Theban districts until 387 B.C. when it became independent in the Boiotian Confederacy. Destroyed by Sulla at the same time as Larymna and Halai in 86 B.C., it was restored and its harbor rebuilt in the 4th c. A.D.

The site of Anthedon was occupied from Mycenaean times and was still inhabited in the 6th c. A.D. According to ancient testimony, the city was fortified; its agora was planted with trees and flanked with a double portico. Inside the city was a Kabeirian temple and, close by, another dedicated to Demeter and Kore, while outside the city walls to the SE, was a Temple of Dionysos. The gymnasium was consecrated to Zeus Karaios and to Anthas, the eponym of the city. Partial excavations have been conducted.

The rampart, which no doubt is Hellenistic, started from the N mole then ran along the coast for 225 m going W, circled the city to the W and 5, reached the coastline NE of the acropolis and followed the slope of the acropolis N down to the mole E of the port. The city covered an area ca. 550-650 m from N to S and 600 m from E to W. To the NE the acropolis overlooks the sea and the harbor from a height of some 20 m. Excavations there have yielded only two small crude walls and some bronze objects of the 12th-11th c. The port, which doubtless is very old, was rebuilt under the Late Empire. Its nearly circular basin (130 x 120 m) is protected to the N and E by two moles built of large blocks, and surrounded to the N, W, and S by quays along a 370 m length. The S quay is porticocd. To the S of the portico the remains of an Early Christian basilica have been excavated; it is apsed and paved with polychinome marble. The little temple (ca. 10 x 6 m) discovered SE of the city in 1889 may be that of Dionysos.


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