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AQUAE NERI (Neris les Bains) Allier, France.

Some Gallo-Roman baths mentioned in the Peutinger Table have been partly excavated. They were quite luxurious, with marble veneers; some pools can still be seen. Tiles bearing the mark of Legio VIII and the presence of a camp suggest that there was a valetudinarium here. Remains of an amphitheater, some rich villas, and two aqueducts are still standing. A number of inscriptions have been found, several of them with the dedication: DEO NERIO.

Sculptures representing the traditional Gallic gods have also been found: a crouching god, a god with a snake, one snake with a ram' s head. Others show Epona and Abundance, while Oriental religions are represented by a lamp with a dedication to the Mother of the Gods.

A remarkable number of bowls of metal as well as of glass and terracotta have been found on the site. Two potter' s kilns of the Tiberian period have been discovered; they were used to bake terra sigillata and ordinary domestic bowls. Bowls with a lead glaze were also found in the furnace dump.


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