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ASCIBURGIUM (Krefeld-Asberg and Rheinhausen) Germany.

An auxiliary castellum of the limes Germaniac Inferioris. The existence of a pre-Roman settlement has been deduced from place names and Tacitus (Germ. 3). A camp with wooden buildings was constructed perhaps in the reign of Drusus but certainly in the first decade A.D., as the first of a succession of camps. Until ca. A.D. 70 it was the garrison for the ala (I Tungrorum) Frontoniana, afterwards for the ala Moesica. To the W was a vicus and a necropolis. The camp was destroyed during the uprising of the Batavi (A.D. 70; Tac. Hist. 4.33). Most finds are in the Niederrheinisches Museum in Duisburg.


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