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AVEIA Abruzzi, Italy.

A city of the Vestini and a Roman prefecture in the upper Aterno valley, today in the province of Aquila. In an inscription from the 3d c. A.D. it is mentioned as the municipiuin Habae (ILS 9087). The official name of the community, Aveintes Vestini, included indication of its ethnic makeup (CIL IX, 4206; Ann. Épigr. 1937, 119, 1. 12; 121, 1. 10ff).

Part of the city was in the area occupied by the modern town on the slope of the mountain, and part was farther down in the valley. The exact limits and the urban plan of the settlement have not been studied even though there remain stretches of the city walls in opus incertum and remnants of buildings including a theater so-called the Palazzo del Re.


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