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BANTIA (Banzi) Lucania, Italy.

A native settlement that developed in iron Age I on a spur which commands the valley of a tributary of the Bradano river. The most numerous traces of a settlement and of the necropolis have been discovered in Via Dante and its vicinity. The pottery is Daunian, strongly influenced by Greek imports. A larger settlement, covering the entire spur, dates to the 4th c. B.C. and there are traces of life in the second half of the 5th c. B.C.

Contrary to what has occurred elsewhere, the settlement flourished during the 3d c. and the 2d c. B.C. it was similar culturally to Greek coastal centers. in the first half of the 1st c. B.C., the settlement, by this time under Roman domination, became a municipium. its administrative systems are well known from the Tabula Bantina. A study of the last fragment of the Tabula, discovered in 1967, makes clear that it was drawn up in Latin and translated into Oscan at Rome by someone not completely familiar with the Oscan language.

The construction of the auguraculum must have started when the municipium was founded, as various fragmentary inscriptions from the monument and the archaeological materials connected with it attest. in the middle of the 1st c. B.C., the municipium received a building for the duoviri (CIL XI, 418). it is clear from documents found during recent excavations that the life of the municipium extended to the Christian era. A great part of the Roman settlement now lies beneath the countryside. The only area uncovered is that which extends along the S side of the spur.


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