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BONNA (Bonn) Germany.

A legionary camp in Germania Inferior. Built of wood, it served in the 30s of the 1st c. A.D. for the Legio I. After A.D. 83 it was reconstructed in stone and served the Legio I Minervia. The camp was still occupied in the 4th c. Of this later camp the principia, the valetudinarium, horrea, barracks, and perhaps a fabrica are known. About 500 m S an auxiliary camp, probably built by Drusus, survived at least into the 2d c. Between the two camps was a settlement. Finds are at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn.


D. Wortmann, Rheinische Ausgrabungen 3 (1968) 323-29.


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