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FORUM SEGUSIAVORUM (Feurs) Loire, France.

Chief city of the Segusiavi, between Saint-Etienne and Roanne. The city is mentioned by Ptolemy (Geog. 4.8). Several Celtic oppida have been located in the region, at La Crêt-Chatelard, Essalois, Le Châtelard de Chazi. Situated in the center of the Forez plain, Forum Segusiavorum became an important market in Roman times, lying as it did at the junction of roads from Lugdunum to Rodumna and Augustodunum, from Lugdunum to Burdigala, and from Lugdunum to Tolosa.

The city extended along the Loire from N to S, between the river to the W and a Roman cemetery to the E that lies left of the road running from La Boaterie to the railroad. In the La Boaterie district traces of a building (temple?) have been found, and 12 granite pedestals arranged in two rows. To the E of these were the remains of a rectangular building (25 x 11.5 m) with a double portico in front and a smaller building to N and S.

Under the church are the ruins of a Roman building that may be connected with an inscription built into the chevet, honoring the Numen Aug[usti] and the god Silvanus and made by the corporation of carpenters, the fabri tignuar[ii].

The city had a theater, as yet undiscovered; an inscription (CIL XIII, 1642) mentions that under Claudius the wooden structure was replaced by one of masonry. In the N sector of the city there were probably some baths. Several sections of aqueducts have been found.

The local museum has inscriptions, pottery, and statues. There are also some finds at the Musée de la Diana at Montbrison.


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