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LANUEJOLS Lozère, France.

A Roman settlement 18 km from Mende; a mausoleum is of particular interest. The plan of the monument, which was completely buried, was drawn up in the 19th c. A square structure 5.35 m on a side in the interior, it was flanked to the N, E, and S by three niches 1.3 m deep and 2.75 m long. The W facade contained an opening 2.57 m wide. The lintel above this opening, 2.2 m above ground, carried an honorary inscription (CIL XIII, 1567).

The semicircular bay over the doorway and lintel is surmounted by an arch. The archivolt is decorated with winged spirits, amorini, vine leaves, and bunches of grapes. The niche opposite the entrance terminates in a flattened arch, the archivolt of which has a design of goblets of fruit surrounded by doves. The four corners of the building are decorated with pilasters. Near this monument, as the inscription indicates, is another building, badly damaged at the subfoundation level.

The recent discoveries of a limestone statue in the neighboring village of Langlade and of a large house at Rouffiac prove that there was an important settlement here in the Roman period. Several inscriptions have also been found in the village of Lanuejols: DIVUS JOVIS; D. M. MEMEROS; IOVI OPTIMO MAXIMO.


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