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A small vicus located on the Arlon-Tongres road where it crosses the Sûre, a tributary of the Moselle. Foundations have been discovered there, but they have never been excavated systematically. The vicus probably subsisted on the mining and trading of slate. It probably also provided a market for the many villas that have been noted in the locality. One of the most remarkable finds was made in the vicinity of Hohdoor: a quadrangular building (14 x 19 m), flagged with marble, with painted stucco plinths. About 100 terracotta statuettes (Jupiter, Mars, Minerva, Venus, and Fortuna) were found there. The edifice must have been a small sanctuary or a lararium. In the vicinity “auf Baulig” a workshop was found which produced votive terracotta statuettes and loomweights. The statuettes were mainly of the mother goddess as well as of civilian and military figures. Cremation tombs and two barrows with fairly rich grave goods were found. A bronze statuette of Mercury is a typical piece of Roman provincial art.


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