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MATISCO (Macon) Saône-et-Loire, France.

Situated on the Saône 70 km N of Lyon, in the civitas of the Aedui. Caesar (BGall 7.90) mentions the oppidum of Matisco, which has become better known through recent excavations. In the Tène III Age the principal settlement was moved from the Ile Saint-Jean on the top of a limestone bar on the right bank of the river, to the middle of what is now the city. A rampart of the murus gallicus type has been found there, with a ditch outside it. Although, being on the Via Agrippa, the city in the High Empire was the starting point of a road to Autun, it seems to have had little importance, much less than Cabillonum (Chalon-sur-Sabne). The principal find is the necropolis. A castrum was built in the 4th c. A.D., for which period the finds are more plentiful.


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