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NOYELLES-GODAULT Pas de Calais, France.

In the Lens arrondissement, canton of Henin-Liétard. Traces of paving found at La Borne des Loups on the road known as le chemin vert from Arras have been interpreted as remains of a Roman road from Arras to Tournai mentioned in the ancient itineraries. Various cremation burials have been discovered as well as many glass objects (phials, vases). Two chance finds should be mentioned for their rarity: a Christian lamp in the shape of a navicella, with the chrism in the middle surrounded by the busts of the twelve apostles; a collection of small bronzes including a statuette of the Dea Roma, and especially two little statuettes of Isis and Osiris. These objects were destroyed when the Arras museum was burnt down in 1915.

In 1952 fresh discoveries were made at Les Monts de Baye: carved flints, coins and, most important, some early Roman tombs. The site extends as far as Dourges, on the other side of the Paris-Lille highway. A room with hypocaust has been excavated and, 100 m farther W, a series of rectangular rooms. The state of the ground rules out any more extensive exploration. Several wells have been excavated: one appears to be a funerary shaft. Much farther N is a group of potter's kilns, which were molded out of the base of a clay-pit already in use at the end of the Roman period and active from the 1st to the 4th c. This period is confirmed by coins found on the site. Recent finds are in the Douai museum.


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