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OPPIDUM BOCHORITANUM (Puerto de Pollensa) Majorca.

Just outside the town, on a hill to the right of the road to Pollensa, are the remains of the pre-Roman town of Bochoris of ca. 1400 B.C. The Roman town lies just below on what is now flat farm land. A short stretch of the Roman town wall and the entrance gate are still visible. The site is strewn with potsherds of Roman Imperial date, mostly clear sigillata and common pottery of the 3d and 4th c. The site has not been excavated. A tabula patronatus (CIL II, 3695) dates to A.D. 6: The Senate and the People of Bochoris selected by mutual consent the Roman Senator Marcus Atilius Vernus as their Patron, a man whose family seems to have been well considered in Spain. Pliny registers Bochoris among the federated cities (HN 3.76).


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