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PELTUINUM Abruzzi, Italy.

A city of the Vestini and a Roman prefecture on the high plain of Aquila near Prata d'Ansidonia and Castelnuovo. The community referred to itself as pars Peltuinatium (CIL IX, 3420, 3430 = ILS 5668) or as civitas Peltuinatium Vestinorum (CIL IX, 3314 = ILS 5056).

The entire perimeter of the walls is recognizable, including long, exposed stretches with several towers and the W gate. The remains of several buildings are well preserved, including a theater and a rectangular foundation, perhaps for a temple. The Via Claudia Nova constituted the main axis within the urban area. The aqua Augusta was constructed under Tiberius and enlarged by Sex. Vitulasius L. f. Qui. Nepos, sub-consul in A.D. 78.


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