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RICINA Marche, Italy.

A town in Picenum on the left bank of the Flosis (modern Potenza) at the crossing of the road from Auximum to Urbs Salvia; after a restoration by Pertinax and Septimius Severus it was called colonia Helvia Ricina Pertinax. Extensive remains of an amphitheater, a theater, baths, and a bridge are to be seen. A collection of marbles, for the most part from this site, is in the Pahazzo Comunahe at Macerata.


Dioniso 7 (1939) 104-9 (R. U. Inglieri)PI; EAA 6 (1965) 683 (N. Alfieri); AA 85 (1970) 313-15 (H. Blanck)I.


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