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VERSIGNY Aisne, France.

In the arrondissement of Laon, canton of La Fère. Excavations since 1966 have revealed an important religious complex in the wood SE of the commune, in the area known as Las Longues Tailles. From the early 19th c. on interest had been aroused by the many Gallo-Roman ruins at the foot of the hill called the Butte du Chateau Julien. A fanum was found with a cella 7 m square, ringed with a 13 m peristyle and with a concrete courtyard in front of it. Seven smallish rooms (3-4 m each side) were uncovered next to the fanum, to the E. One of these is built around a circle made of broken tiles. These adjoining rooms may be houses or, more likely, altars. An inventory of the many coins found on the site show that it was occupied for a long time, up to the mid 4th c.; this is confirmed by the ordinary ware and sigillata found here. The most spectacular finds are some miniature bronzes (average ht. 3 cm), amazingly well preserved: a ram, a retiarius, a key, fibulas, letters provided with holes for attachment, and some terracottas (Epona).


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