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VICUS MARACITANUS (Ksar Toual Zammel) Tunisia.

Ruins 22 km N of Maktar and 1 km from the well-known monument Kbor-Klit. The modest country town is unquestionably pre-Roman in origin. The chief monument, the Capitolium, which is in the form of a temple with a pronaos that was probably hexastyle, stood on the square of a forum opposite a larger building of unknown purpose. A section of a street, some cisterns, and what may have been a Christian chapel have been excavated. In one of the two necropoleis is a well-preserved two-story mausoleum with a pilastered facade, which gave the place its modern name of Ksar (castle or fort).

A stele inscription gives the Roman name, proving that the site is not identical, as has been suggested, with Zama Regia, the site of the decisive battle of 202 B.C.


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