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VODGORIACUM (Waudrez) Belgium.

The Gallo-Roman vicus of the civitas Nerviorum, on the Bavai-Tongres road 12 leugae from Bavai, is mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary (378) and in the Peutinger Table (under the form of Vogodorgiaco). The identification with Waudrez is based on the distance from Bavai, on toponymy, and also on archaeological finds. These include some wells, a potter's kiln, many potsherds, and some bronze artifacts (bracelets, keys, a spatula, a pin). The many late Gallic coins indicate that the vicus developed from a native center. The remains date mainly to the 1st and 2d c. and the series of coins is interrupted at Gallienus (253-68). This seems to indicate that the vicus was ravaged during one of the barbarian invasions of the period. Nevertheless, 4th c. pottery was found in the fill of a building excavated in 1953. In 1890 a hoard of coins was found which was buried ca. 134-38 during the reign of Hadrian.


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