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KAULONIA Bruttium, Calabria, Italy.

On the E coast between Krotone and Lokroi Epizephyroi near modern Punta Stilo and the town of Monasterace Marina. Founded from Kroton in the 7th c. B.C., it became a center of Pythagoreanism and was destroyed by Dionysios I of Syracuse in 389 B.C. Rebuilt in the 4th c. B.C., it is mentioned in connection with events of the second Punic war, but by the 1st c. B.C. the site had already been abandoned.

Excavations conducted early in this century established the perimeter of the city walls and led to the discovery of houses of the Hellenistic period and the foundations of a peripteral temple in the Castellone district. There is an important deposit of architectural terracottas from the acropolis.


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