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LAMPSAKOS (Lapseki) Turkey.

City of the Troad (Mysia) originally called Pityussa, on the S shore of the Hellespont opposite Kallipolis. It had a good harbor (Strab. 13.1.18), and was said to have been founded by the Milesians or the Phokaians. During the 6th and 5th c. B.C. it belonged to Lydia, and then to the Persians; it joined the Athenian League, paying 12 talents, and was an object of contention among the Athenians, Spartans and Persians from 411 B.C. until the Hellenistic period. It allied itself with Rome in 190 B.C. and prospered thereafter. No ruins have been visible for some time, but in the 19th c. there were walls and some architectural remains. Some objects from Lampsakos are in Istanbul.


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