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AINOS (Enoz) Thrace, Turkey.

A harbor town at the mouth of the Hebros (Maritza, Meriç) river. Its Thracian name was Poltyobria, after the legendary Thracian king Poltys (Strab. 7. frag. 52; Steph. Byz.), but the name Amos appears very early, associated with the Trojan war (Il. 4.520). The name Apsinthos is also recorded (Steph. Byz.).

The town was resettled by Greek colonists from the Aeolic region (Alopekonessos, Mytilene, Kyme) in the 7th c. B.C. It occupied a high ridge dominating a good harbor at the river mouth, which has silted up so as to become almost unusable. The abundant coinage of the city shows that it was a significant economic center, but almost nothing is known of its history. The town is mentioned sporadically in accounts of Athenian, Thracian, Macedonian, and Roman activity in the region, but never in an important role.

The ancient site is presumed to be approximately coextensive with the modern town. The acropolis is occupied by the mediaeval castle of the Gattilusi, which probably incorporates any surviving fragments of Classical architecture. No systematic survey or excavation has been done.


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