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ALMENDRALEJO Badajoz, Spain.

Site 55 km S of Mérida (Emerita Augusta), whose ancient name is not known. The Disk of Theodosius was discovered near here in 1847, a flat silver disk about 15 kg in weight and 0.74 m in diameter, now in the museum of the Royal Academy of History in Madrid. The obverse is decorated and its border reads D N THEODOSIUS PERPT. AUG. OB DIEM FELICCISSIMUM X; it commemorates the tenth anniversary of Theodosius' accession (January 19, 389). The design shows a portico of Corinthian columns surmounted by a tympanum framing a scene in which a seated Theodosius is handing a diptych to some high functionary; to each side are Arcadius and Valentinian II (or Honorius?). Actually the piece is a serving platter (missorium) and comes from a Salonica workshop.


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