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BRIGNON (“Briginn . . .”) Serre de Brienne, canton of Vézenobres, Gard, France.

Large and important sanctuary-oppidum of the Volcae Arecomici situated along the Gardon between Nîmes and Alès on an isolated hill rising from the plain. The site has never been systematically explored, but limited soundings and emergency excavations have uncovered architectural remains and numerous pre-Roman and Roman artifacts (fragments from buildings, statues, votive and funerary inscriptions, ceramics), and a quantity of Gallic, Massahan, and Roman coins, which testify to its cultural and commercial importance.

The site can perhaps be identified with the locality Briginn (. . .) which is mentioned in the Nîmes geographical inscription (CIL XII, 3362). The artifacts from the oppidum are preserved at the museums at Nîmes and Alès, and in a local archaeological collection.


Carte archéologique de la Gaule romaine, fasc. VIII, Gard (1941) 189-90, no. 297; “Informations,” Gallia 20 (1962) 630; 24 (1966) 474; 29 (1971) 390.


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