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KOLYBRASSOS (Ayasofya) Turkey.

City in Cilicia Aspera or Pamphylia, on Susuz Dağ, 20 km N of Alânya and 12 km S of Gündoğmuş, some 1000 m above sea level. The site is proved by an inscription, not yet published, in which the city names itself in honoring Trajan. This remote town is listed by Ptolemy and the Notitiae, though not by Hierokles, and Imperial coinage is known.

The circuit wall is well preserved only on the SW, where a stairway leads up to the city gate; the masonry is a good ashlar. Two temples are still fairly well preserved, and an odeion and exedra have been recognized. The necropolis is on the S side, with several freestanding sarcophagi and a handsome rock tomb.


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