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KOTENNA (Monteşbey, formerly Gödene) Turkey.

City in Pamphylia or Pisidia 12 km W of Akseki. The site is determined both by the survival of the name and by a decree of the Council and People of the Kotennians found on the spot. Kotenna is not recorded in the literary authorities before the 4th c. A.D. (Hierokles, Notitiae), but is proved by inscriptions to have had city status at least by the 2d c. The name is likely to be a variant of the name of the tribe of Katenneis, mentioned by Strabo (570) as occupying the mountain country above Side and Aspendos.

Not much survives on the site. A circuit wall with bastions surrounds part of the hill, with a rock-cut stairway leading to the summit; no buildings are standing, but numerous cut blocks, some inscribed or carved with reliefs, are lying around.


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