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LOUSOI Arkadia, Greece.

Originally an independent town, it later came under the jurisdiction of Kleitor; the site lies between the modern villages of Sudena and Chamaku. According to one legend, it was at a rock spring there where the daughters of Proitos were purified and cured of madness by Melampos; in gratitude their father established the Sanctuary of Artemis Hemerasia, which was surrounded by a deer park. A draught of the spring water was supposed to result in a permanent aversion to wine. Although Pausanias found nothing left at Lousoi, 19th c. travelers reported numerous springs in the area; excavations in 1898 uncovered a fountain-house, bouleuterion, propylaia, and temple. These structures appeared to be of the late 4th or early 3d c. B.C. although other finds indicated that the sanctuary had been in use as early as the 6th.


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