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PSOPHIS (Tripotamos) Arkadia, Greece.

An old city NE of Olympia on the E side of Mt. Olonos, at an important intersection of streams and ancient routes. The fortifications enclosed the area between two spurs of a rocky ridge and the right bank of the Eurymanthos (Livartsino) making a naturally defensible site into a major stronghold, able to play a significant part in the Social War in 220 B.C. The site and its capture by Philip V are described at length by Polybios (4.706). The acropolis was probably on the highest part of the ridge at the NE, now crowned by a ruined mediaeval tower. The walls, of fairly regular blocks, were followed by Bursian for the complete circuit, and included one round tower and several square ones. The remains of several rows of theater seats were noted inside the W wall. Pausanias describes various sights (8.24) including a Sanctuary of Aphrodite Erykine in ruins, the Tomb of Alkmaion, and a Temple of Erymanthos with a marble statue of the river god. Bursian identified this last with some large foundations near the bank of the river; other ancient remains were seen near the place where the Aroanios joins the Erymanthos.


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