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1140. Several appellatives, treated like proper names, may omit the article: βασιλεύς the king of Persia ( βασιλεύς is anaphoric (1120 b) or refers expressly to a definite person). Titles of official persons: πρυτάνεις the Prytans, στρατηγοί the Generals. Names of relationship, etc.: πατήρ father, ἀνήρ husband, γυνή wife (but the article is needed when a definite individual is spoken of). Thus: ““ἦκον δὲ τῷ μὲν μήτηρ, τῷ δὲ γυνὴ καὶ παῖδεςto one there came his mother, to another his wife and childrenAnd. 1.48. So also πατρίς fatherland.

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