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2574. A subordinate clause may play the part of a substantive in relation to the main clause. Such clauses are generally the object, sometimes the subject, of the verb of the main clause.

““εἶπεν ὅτι οὐ πόλεμον ποιησόμενοι ἥκοιενhe said that they had not come to wage warX. A. 5.5.24, ““ἔπρα_σσον ὅπως τις βοήθεια ἥξειthey were managing how some reinforcements should comeT. 3.4, ““δέδοικα μὴ . . . ἐπιλαθώμεθα τῆς οἴκαδε ὁδοῦI am afraid lest we may forget the way homeX. A. 3.2.25; ἐλέγετο ὅτι . . . Πῶλος ὅσον οὐ παρείη it was said that Polus had all but arrived 7. 2. 5.

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