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31. In Attic alone this η was changed back to α_:

1. When preceded by a ρ; as ἡμέρα_ day, χώρα_ country. This appears to have taken place even though an ο intervened: as ἀκρόα_μα a musical piece, ἀθρόα_ collected.

EXCEPTIONS: (a) But ρϝη was changed to ρη: as κόρη for κορϝη maiden. (b) Likewise ρη, when the result of contraction of ρεα, remained: as ὄρη from ὄρεα mountains. (c) And ρση was changed to ρρη: as κόρρη for κόρση (79) one of the temples.

2. When preceded by ε or ι: as γενεά_ generation, σκιά_ shadow.

This change takes place even when the η is the result of the contraction of εα: as ὑγιᾶ healthy, ἐνδεᾶ lacking, for ὑγιῆ from ὑγιεςα, ἐνδεῆ from ἐνδεεςα; also, if originally a ϝ intervened, as νέα_ for νεϝα_ young (Lat. nova).

EXCEPTIONS: Some exceptions are due to analogy: ὑγιῆ healthy, εὐφυῆ shapely (292 d) follow σαφῆ clear.

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