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330. Possessive Pronouns.—Possessive pronouns, formed from the stems of the personal pronouns, are declined like ἀγαθός, ἄξιος (287).

ἐμός ἐμή ἐμόνmy, my own; mineἡμέτερος -α_ -ονour, our own; ours
σός σή σόνthy, thine own; thineὑ_μέτερος -α_ -ονyour, your own; yours
[ὅς ὅνhis (her, its) own]σφέτερος -α_ -ονtheir own

a. Distinguish the adjectival from the pronominal use: ἐμὸς φίλος or φίλος ἐμός my friend (adj.) from φίλος ἐμός a friend of mine (pron.). See 1196 a.

b. ὅς is not used in Attic prose. For his, her, its, αὐτοῦ, -ῆς, -οῦ are used.

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