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455. Tense-Suffixes.—The tense-suffixes, which are added to the verb-stem to form the tense-stems, consist of the thematic vowel and certain other letters. No tense-suffixes are added to the verb-stem (1) in the second aorist active and middle, and second perfect and pluperfect, of μι-verbs; (2) in the perfect and pluperfect middle of verbs in -ω and -μι. The tense-suffixes are as follows:—

1. Present system, -όε-, -τόε-, -[ιγλιδε]όε-, -νόε-, -ανόε-, -νεόε-, -να-, -νυ-, -ισκόε; or none, as in φα-μέν.

2. Future system, -σόε-.

3. First aorist sytem, -σα-.

4. Second aorist system, -όε-; or none, as in ἔ-στη-ν.

5. First perfect system, -κα- (plupf. -κη- from -κεα-; -κει- from -κεε-; -κε-).

6. Second perfect system, -α- (plupf. -η-, -ει-, or -ε-); or none, as in ἕ-στα-τε.

7. Perfect middle system, none (future perfect -σόε-).

8. First passive system, θη-, -θε- (future passive -θησόε-).

9. Second passive system, η, -ε- (future passive -ησόε-).

N.—-α in the aorist is properly a relic of the personal ending (666).

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