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475. Variation in Quantity.—Many verbs of the first class (498 ff.) show variation in the quantity of the vowel of the verb-stem, which is commonly long in the present but fluctuates in other tenses, as λύ_-ω, λύ_-σω, ἔλυ_-σα, but λέλυ^-κα, λέλυ^-μαι, ἐλυ?́-θην. (Other examples, 500.)

a. Some verbs of the Fourth Class (523 c) lengthen a short vowel of the present in some other tenses. Thus, λαμβάνω (λαβ-) take, λήψομαι, εἴληφα, εἴλημμαι, ἐλήφθην, but 2 aor. ἔλαβον.

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