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516. Formations by Analogy.—a. As γ ¨ [ιγλιδε] and δ ¨ [ιγλιδε] unite to form ζ, none of the verbs in -ττω can be derived from -γ[ιγλιδε]ω or -δ[ιγλιδε]ω. Since the future and aorist of verbs in -ζω might often seem to be derived from stems in κ, χ, or τ, θ, uncertainty arose as to these tenses: thus the future σφάξω (σφαγ-σω) from Epic σφάζω slay (σφαγ-[ιγλιδε]ω) was confused in formation with φυλάξω (φυλακ-σω), and a present σφάττω was constructed like φυλάττω. Similarly, Attic ἁρπάσω (-ομαι) for Epic ἁρπάξω; and so in place of (poetic) ἁρμόζω fit (ἁρμοδ-) the form ἁρμόττω was constructed.

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