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522. Contracted Verbs and Some Verbs in -ιω, -υω.—a. Verbs in -αω, -εω, -οω, which for convenience have been treated under the first class, properly belong here, [ιγλιδε] (y) having been lost between vowels. Thus, τι_μάω from τι_μα-[ιγλιδε]ω (τι_μα_-), οἰκέω dwell from οἰκε-[ιγλιδε]ω (οἰκε- alternate stem to οἰκο-, 229 b), δηλόω from δηλο-[ιγλιδε]ω. So in denominatives, as poetic μηνίω am wroth (μηνι-[ιγλιδε]ω), φι_τύ_ω sow (φι_τυ-[ιγλιδε]ω). Primitives in -ι_ω, -υ_ω are of uncertain origin. Cp. 608, 624.

N.—The rare spellings ἀλυίω, θυίω, μεθυίω, φυίω indicate their origin from -[ιγλιδε]ω.

b. So with stems in long vowels: δρῶ do from δρα_-[ιγλιδε]ω, ζῶ live from ζη-[ιγλιδε]ω (cp. ζῆθι), χρῶ give oracles from χρη-[ιγλιδε]ω (2 pers. χρῇς, 394).

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