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737. -νημι class. A few verbs add νη- in the singular, να- in the plural, to the verb-stem. These verbs are almost entirely poetical or dialectical; and show by-forms in -ναω. They are:

δάμνημι (δαμνάω) subdue, κίρνημι (κιρνάω also Epic) mix, κρίμνημι (miswritten κρήμνημι) suspend, πέρνημι sell, πίτνημι (πετνάω) spread, σκίδνημι (and κίδνημι) scatter.

a. Only in the middle: μάρναμαι fight, πίλναμαι (πιλνάω) approach. In δύναμαι am able, να has grown fast (cp. δυνατός).

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