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758. Second Aorist Optative.—The forms of the optative of the second aorist are made and inflected like those of the present except for the reduplication. Thus, in the active: θείην (θε-ίη-ν), σταίην (στα-ίη-ν), δοῖμεν (δό-ι_-μεν), δοῖεν (δό-ιε-ν). The shorter forms are preferred in the dual and plural, and poetry has only these; prose admits either the longer or the shorter forms.

a. In the 2 pl. cases of -ιη-τε (δοίητε) are more numerous than -ι-τε; but they usually lack metrical warrant.

b. Second aorists of stems in υ lack the optative in Attic.

c. In the middle: θείμην (θε-ί_-μην), δοίμην (δο-ί_-μην), -εἵμην (ἑ-ί_-μην). For θοίμεθα see 746 c. For the accent of πρίαιο see 424 c, N. 2.

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