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846. Variations occur especially in poetry: a. Hom. Πηλε-ίδη-ς, Πηλε-ΐδη-ς, Πηλη-ϊάδη-ς, and Πηλε-ΐων, son of Πηλεύ-ς; Ἀτρε-ίδη-ς, Ἀτρε-ΐδη-ς, and Ἀτρε-ΐων, son of Ἀτρεύ-ς.

b. Two patronymic endings: Ταλα-ϊ_ον-ίδη-ς son of Ταλαό-ς.

c. The stem drops or adds a syllable: Δευκαλ-ίδη-ς son of Δευκαλίων, -ίων-ος; Λαμπ-ετ-ίδη-ς son of Λάμπο-ς.

d. -ιδης is used in comic formations: κλεπτ-ίδη-ς son of a thief.

e. -νδα_ς occurs in the dialects, as Ἐπαμεινώνδα_-ς Epaminondas.

f. -ιος, -ειος, may indicate descent, as Τελαμώνιε παῖ oh son of Telamon, Τυνδαρεία_ θυγάτηρ daughter of Tyndareus; cp. Tennyson's “Niobean daughter.”

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