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904. Incomplete sentences consist of a single member only. Such sentences stand outside the structure of the sentence. The chief classes of incomplete sentences are

a. Interjections, such as , φεῦ, αἰαῖ, οἴμοι.

b. Asseverations which serve as a predicate to a sentence spoken by another: ναί yes, surely, οὔ no, μάλιστα certainly, καλῶς very well!

c. Headings, titles: Κύ_ρου Ἀνάβασις the Expedition of Cyrus, Ἀντιγόνη the Antigone, ““συμμαχία_ Ἀθηναίων καὶ Θετταλῶνthe Alliance of the Athenians and ThessaliansC.I.A. /lref>b.

d. Vocatives (1283), and nominatives used in exclamation (1288).

e. Exclamations without a verb: δεῦρο hither!

N.—Examples of such incomplete sentences in English are oh, assuredly, no wonder, right about face, away, fire!

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